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@@ 44,6 44,25 @@ If you don't set your password here, you will be prompted for it when
submitting a patch. If you wish to set it, the setting name is `smtppass`. For
more info on git config options, see `git help config`.

## Submitting patches

Once you've got some commits ready, you can submit them to the configured
mailing list. You simply run the following:

    git send-email HEAD^

The list will evaluate and accept it or provide feedback. If you need to make
a change do so and amend your last commit with `git commit --amend`. Then you
can resubmit version 2 of your patch.

    git send-email --annotate -v2 HEAD^

You can iterate each version of your patch the same way. Use `-v3`, `-v4`, etc.
You probably noticed the `--annotate` flag, this lets you add some extra
information about the patch without it being added to the commit history.

Please see the tutorial above for more in-depth info on how this works.

# For maintainers

## Tell people how to contribute