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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

#Wiki for man.code.netlandish.com

This is the repo where the wiki for man.code.netlandish.com lives.


We accept patches submitted via git send-email. If you're not familiar with this, don't be worried. It's very easy and you should be ready to contribute in a couple of minutes. Start with this website: git-send-email.io

The mailing list where you submit your patches is ~petersanchez/public-inbox@lists.code.netlandish.com. You can also view the archives on the web here:


To quickly setup your clone of wikimain to submit to the mailing list run the following commands:

$ git config sendemail.to "~petersanchez/wikimain@lists.code.netlandish.com"
$ git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH wikimain"

We have more information on the topic here:

#Copying License

Wiki documents are copied from SoureHut documentation and are licensed under GNU Free Documentation License. See the COPYING file in this repo for full license details.