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#title: Documentation Wiki's on code.netlandish.com

Welcome to the Netlandish software management systems.

Thanks to BitBucket sunsetting support for Mercurial we've been forced to find a new place to host our repositories, workflow, etc.

We decided that it's best that we're not in this situation again in the future and that we should have our own systems to manage our code, CI/CD, ticket tracker, etc.

We looked at several options and decided that sourcehut, aka sr.ht, was the best fit for us. It's a suite of very light weight applications designed to work totally independent of each other (well, for the most part.)

This allows us to slowly roll out new services as needed.

Sourcehut is also 100% open source and has a small, but active and growing, community. While we know that it's still primitive looking and rough around the edges, it's already a very advanced system with advanced methods of collaboration. Some may call it hardcore but we call it comfortable.

Here are the list of services we currently have running:

#Service Emails

A few of the services (todo, lists, etc.) will send out emails for various things. Maybe it's reset password or a new post to a mailing list. Each of these emails will be signed by the system's PGP key. You can use this to verify the sender is actually from the code.netlandish.com systems.

[Download our public key][publickey.txt]



SHA256 Sum

69b339aeb483c0e1ab2302d48f8897e54671118a1f4c061b73b3e865a3945f3e  publickey.txt

#Service Specific Docs

Here are some service specific docs:

Note: This platform is still very new, even to us, and the docs are very limited. While this platform is mostly for the Netlandish staff and family companies, we also understand that there are collaborators who want to contribute to some of our open source projects. Please bear with us while we work out all the kinks.


Please refer to the status page for any service issues or status updates.