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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.

A group of services that power the application for LinkTaco.

Version: 0.0.0

Project Links: Issues - Mailing List - Contributing


The software is a suite of applications that work together to provide the services powering LinkTaco. These services include:

  • Social bookmarking
  • Link & Note saving (ie, Pinboard)
  • Link shortening (ie, Bitly)
  • Link listings (ie, Linktree)
  • Completely GraphQL API powered
  • QR Codes
  • Analytics
  • Custom domains
  • Integrations with Slack and MatterMost
  • And more...

Basically we started this as a simple project to play with GraphQL in Go and provide these services for us as the existing projects, or products, didn't fit our needs as is.

Our plan was always to open source it and keep it small but as time went on we added more and more and now it's pretty full featured.


  • Go 1.20+
  • GNU make


Please see the install documentation for instructions.


We accept patches submitted via git send-email. If you're not familiar with this, don't be worried. It's very easy and you should be ready to contribute in a couple of minutes. Start with this website: git-send-email.io

The mailing list where you submit your patches is ~netlandish/links-dev@lists.code.netlandish.com. You can also view the archives on the web here:


To quickly setup your clone of links to submit to the mailing list run the following commands:

$ git config sendemail.to "~netlandish/links-dev@lists.code.netlandish.com"
$ git config format.subjectPrefix "PATCH links"

We have more information on the topic here:

All documentation, libraries, and software are Copyright 2023 Netlandish Inc. All documentation, libraries, and software are made available to you under the terms of the GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE license which is contained in the included file, LICENSE.

#Commercial Support

This software, and lots of other software like it, has been built in support of many of Netlandish's own projects, and the projects of our clients. We would love to help you on your next project so get in touch by dropping us a note at hello@netlandish.com.