Common core utilities for web apps written in Go
Moving away from dumb messages implementation. Now using simple json
Account for situations when sessions are not available
Adding base64 URL encoding for crypto values and defining custom Encoding objects


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USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. This module, while is working in production, is not considered production ready. It is not yet version 1 ready and the API will no doubt change on core pieces. If you're adventurous then enjoy.

This is a simple set of utilities to help make it easier to write web applications in Golang. It uses the echo framework. Some of the batteries included:

  • User management
    • Login (password or magic email link)
    • Change password
    • Forgot password
    • Change email
  • Confirmation management
  • User sessions (using scs)
  • Storage (local fs or S3)
  • Custom form validation (combining echo and validator)
  • Built in async queue support (using dowork)
  • Custom email interfaces using carrier
  • Lots of template helpers
  • Built in localization

Requires Go 1.18+ and PostgreSQL.

Seriously lacking documentation, base sql tables for users and confirmations, and more. Like we said, don't use this yet. You've been warned :)

Licensed under the BSD license. See LICENSE file